2023 YAMAHA YZ450F TESTED VIDEO: MOTOCROSS ACTION The 2023 Yamaha YZ450F is an all-new machine and it has been the most highly anticipated bike of the new model season. Stemming from the backwards engine concept that Yamaha introduced in 2010, the YZ450F has been a unique motorcycle. The MXA test riders have either loved it, or hated it. Inside the pages of Motocross Action and on our YouTube videos, we’ve held no punches when reviewing the Yamaha YZ450F and in 2023, it seems like Yamaha finally addressed all of the complaints we’ve harped on since the backwards engine was introduced in 2010. Highlighting the list of changes, the Yamaha YZ450F has an updated engine that is lighter and more compact with a new transmission, a steel clutch basket with the primary gear built into it (instead of aluminum), a 500 rpm higher rev limit, new ECU settings, updated intake with new dome air filter (instead of the flat piece of toast) and much more. The bike also has a new slimmer body work, a slimmer fuel tank, a taller and flatter seat, foot pegs that have been lowered and moved rearward, adjustable by hand compression clickers on the forks and much more. Click the link below to learn more about the updates. 2023 YAMAHA YZ450F DETAILS & CHANGES Up close on the new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F engine. Another look at the new bike. The post MXA VIDEO: WE TEST THE 2023 YAMAHA YZ450F appeared first on Motocross Action Magazine.