•  TRAVIS PASTRANA TO TEST AN NHRA TOP FUEL DRAGSTER ON MONDAY Top Fuel driver Alex Laughlin is going to let Travis Pastrana drive his 300mph Top Fuel Havoline-sponsored dragster on Monday. NHRA Top Fuel driver Alex Laughlin said, “I’ve been working on this for over a year now and it’s finally coming together! I’m always trying to do something fun and different, whether it’s racing against the Hoonigans, or maybe Street Outlaws, but this time… Travis Pastrana will pilot the Top Fuel car I drive on this coming Monday in Charlotte! I was able to express to Travis that he can’t have a show called “Nitro Anything” unless he has first-hand experience what nitro is all about. This Monday, he’s getting the chance go 300 mph. I’m not sure who’s the most excited here, but this is pretty much top of the list for me!” •  MXA PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: ALL-NEW GYTR POWER TUNER FOR 2023 YZ450F There is an updated version of the Yamaha Tuner for the all-new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F. The new version has an improved user interface in an even easier to use app. New features include simplification with an “Quick Setting” slide bar for easy engine mapping adjustments and helpful engine and suspension tuning guides. Additionally, a new integrated lap timer, new Traction and Launch Control tuning capabilities, and an improved real-time information dashboard further increases functionality. The new Power Tuner is design specifically for the 2023 Yamaha YZ450F, but will work on different WiFi-equiped model although not fully. QUICK SETTING SLIDE BAR 2023 YZ450F owners can modify engine characteristics on a range from Smooth and Aggressive with a single scroll bar that offers seven different power delivery options. The previously available grid for both fuel injection (FI) and ignition timing (IG) number has a range of adjustments that is significantly increased. LAP TIMER A new lap timer has been added. It is controlled by the multi-function switch located on the left handlebar. After each ride, lap time data recorded to the motorcycle’s ECU can be checked via the app, allowing the user to track the effects of setting changes on lap-by-lap analysis. TRACTION & LAUNCH CONTROL The YZ450F’s newly adopted Traction Control System offers three settings (low, high and off). Plus, the new Rev Limit feature allows the Launch Control System can be set in 500 rpm increments for optimum launches when the gate drops. DASHBOARD MONITOR The app’s smartphone monitoring function features an enhanced real-time monitor screen that displays motorcycle speed, throttle position, engine rpm, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, battery voltage, smartphone battery level and the current time. PRELOADED MAPS The new Yamaha Power Tuner App includes three pre-loaded engine maps, and the rider can make on-the-fly selection between two designated maps using the motorcycle’s push-button handlebar toggle switch. PREVIOUS POWER TUNER USERS The new app is compatible with other Yamaha models which feature the Yamaha Power App; however, some of the new functionality is exclusive to the 2023 YZ450F. The app is free-of-charge on Google Play or the App Store and available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian and Japanese. • MXA VIDEO: 2023 KAWASAKI KX250 TEST • FIRST LOOK! HUSQVARNA’S LIMITED PRODUCTION 2023 HERITAGE EDITIONS The all-white Heritage models are available in motocross, cross-country and enduro version, but, this is the kicker, not all of the motocross models are coming to America. The U.S. market will only get the FC350 Heritage, TC125 Heritage, TC250 Heritage, FX350 Heritage, FE450 Heritage, TE300 Heritage and TX300 Heritage. However, we are showing the FC350 and FC450 for fans outside of the USA. The FC250 is the only four-stroke motocross model imported to the USA. Above is the 2023 Husqvarna TX300 Heritage cross-country two-stroke. In what can only be considered a September surprise, Husqvarna has come out a limited production run of 2023 Husqvarna Heritage machines. The paint and graphic scheme evokes memories of the 1983 models with the Swedish colors waving down the side. Built on the all-new 2023 platforms the Heritage machine are offered in FC, TC, FX,TX and FE versions. There is nothing retro about the technology other than the distinctive new look—highlighted by the white frame (ruined by the black frame guards), blue seat, black Takasago Excel rims, yellow front number plate backgrounds and blue/yellow Swedish flag striping. 2023 Husqvarna FC450 from the left side. 2023 Husqvarna FC450 from the right side. 2023 Husqvarna FC450 from the front. 2023 Husqvarna FC450 from the rear. 2023 HERITAGE MOTOCROSS TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS (1) Husqvarna Racing heritage-inspired graphics . (2) High-strength black anodized ExceL rims. (3) Proven fuel injection on both the four-stroke and two-stroke models. (4) Multifunctional switchgear selects two maps, QuickShift, TractionControl and Launch Control. (5) Premium-quality ProTaper handlebars. (6) Electric start on all two-stroke Heritage models. (7) Class leading Brembo hydraulic brakes and clutch. (8) Lightweight WP XACT ai fork are 3 pounds lighter than conventional forks. (9) The WP XACT shock features tool-free adjustment of compression and rebound settings. (10) All white frame and plastic. (11) In dealerships in October in limited numbers. 2023 FC250 Heritage Edition. 2023 FC350 Heritage Edition. 2023 TC125 Heritage Edition. 2023 TC250 Heritage Edition. • MXA VIDEO: 2023 HONDA CRF450 TEST • MXA PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: KLIM’S NEW FALL OFF-ROAD GEAR LINE Following the success of Klim’s 2022 Spring collection, Klim decided to expand its lineup of colors for the Mojave and XC Lite and the F3 Carbon Off-Road helmet. Perhaps the most anticipated release for the popular XC Lite series coined “Digital Chaos,” includes an all-new look of safety yellow, neon blue and knockout pink with matching pant, jersey and glove. The XC Lite tops the charts for mobility and is engineered with the aggressive trail rider and racer in mind, putting extra focus on comfort in extremely demanding conditions where airflow, moisture-wicking materials and highly flexible fabrics are critical. Durability still isn’t pushed aside with leather overlays and durable fabrics in high-wear areas. New for the F3 Carbon Off-Road Helmet is the same bold look as the XC Lite line with black, knockout pink, neon blue and safety yellow. The popular F3 Carbon is the lightest ECE off-road helmet Klim was willing to make without sacrificing safety. The Mojave series, which is focused on airflow while maintaining solid durability, also gets colorways that includes gray, ruby red, fiery red and safety yellow. The recently redesigned Mojave Series—Klim’s ultra ventilated, ultra-durable hot-weather gear—is now more comfortable, more ventilated and more durable than before with the same burly material found in the Dakar line. See the new gear and find where to buy at KLIM XC LITE GEAR Fall XC Lite Jersey…$49.99 . Fall XC Pants…$149.00   KLIM F3 CARBON OFF-ROAD HELMET Klim F3 helmet…$399.99   KLIM MOJAVE GEAR Jersey…$69.99 Pants…$209.99   KLIM FALL VIPER GOGGLE Klim Viper goggle…$59.95 • MXA VIDEO: 2023 KAWASAKI KX450 TEST •  “FIRST LOOK” 2023 HONDA CRF450 YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWERS BY MEDIA • MXA PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: TWIN AIR ICE FLOW COOLANT Twin Air has added a high performance, biodegradable coolant to its product line of on and off road motorcycles and ATV/UTV’s filtration products and accessories. IceFlow is a ready-to-use coolant formulated for long-lasting protection of all metals inside today’s motorcycle cooling systems, without harming the water pump seals. “Our goal was to create the coolant of choice for extreme off-road conditions as well as on-road usage year-round, in all climates, and make it totally eco-friendly.” The new coolant offers the added assurance of an extreme freezing point (-26ºC / -14.8ºF). IceFlow is Mono Propylene Glycol-based, silicate-free and formulated with demineralized water and cutting edge nanotech and organic additive technology. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Twin Air IceFlow High Performance Coolant is available in 2,2 liter (2,32 quart) bottles. For more info go to • MXA VIDEO: 2023 GASGAS MC450F TEST • MXA PHOTO OF THE WEEK: BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY You see some pretty odd things on the road and that includes the myriad ways that people carry their bikes. This is awesome. It may look like Christmas wrapping run amok, but it got there. • WANT TO REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY AT THE WORLD VET? SIGN UP FOR THE WORLD CUP OF NATIONS The World Cup trophy will be awarded to the winning nation and will have your name and country engraved on it. The trophy will be displayed at the Glen Helen Museum throughout the entire year and each rider on the winning team will receive a commemorative medallion. Press release: Applications for the Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations must be submitted before the October 1, 2022 deadline! We can’t wait to see who will be crowned this year’s World Vet MX Cup of Nations champion. The race will be run in conjunction with the 38th Annual Dubya World Vet MX Championships on November 5th and 6th. Each participating country entered in the Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations is allowed three different teams – each team must consist of three riders from the home country: one rider must be over-30, one over 40, and one over 50 years old (the three riders can be of any skill level and a team could be made up of all over-50 riders—because that would be legal). Riders will receive race bibs to represent their country and colors to indicate their age group. Moto 1 will be held on Saturday and moto 2 will race on Sunday. The scoring will be based on all three riders over both motos with the lowest score of the two-moto format determining the winning team and country. The entry fee is $100 per team. Enter and sign up your team by Clicking Here • MXA AD OF THE WEEK: “THE THING WITH TWO HEADS” This is the greatest two-headed motorcycle film every made. It is what made Rosey Grier the movie star he is today. MXA VIDEO: FIRST LOOK AT WHAT’S NEW ON THE 2023 YAMAHA YZ450F CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1962 BSA 500 CATALINA SCRAMBLER “FEETS MINERT REPLICA” The BSA Catalina Scrambler was the perfect machine for a rider like AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Chuck “Feets” Minert o race largely because it was a copy of the modified BSA that he used to win the 1956 Catalina Grand Prix. Minert excelled in all types of motorcycle racing, from speedway to trials to scrambles, and later in motocross. Minert raced for the BSA factory team, and the most important win of his career came in the 1956 Catalina Grand Prix. Almost 1000 riders raced on Catalina Island. The win was so prestigious that after Feets Minert‘s victory, BSA named the 1959 Gold Star DBD34 the “Catalina Scrambler.” It was a little misleading because the machine that Feets rode to victory was a 1956 BSA Gold Star Scrambler. “I changed to a five-gallon tank so that I could race the 100-mile race without stopping. I used a front brake backing plate with a scoop for additional cooling and ran a 19-inch front wheel instead of the standard 21-inch wheel preferred by the English riders,” said Feets. Hap Alzina, the West Coast BSA distributor, asked the factory to build a replica of Minert’s Gold Star-based bike. BSA responded with the Catalina Scrambler in 1959. The machine would go unchanged until BSA stopped production in 1963. The late Feets Minert hanging it all out at the Catalina Grand Prix — with the harbor a steep drop away. • MXA VIDEO: 2023 GASGAS MC350F TEST • THE OCTOBER 2022 ISSUE OF MXA IS OUT! SUBSCRIBE AND YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING Did you know that you can subscribe to MXA at virtually no cost to you—because when you subscribe you receive a Rocky Mountain ATV/MC credit for $25 towards anything in their massive inventory. Plus, you will get all the content in the 12 monthly issues of Motocross Action magazine—from four-stroke tests, two-stroke tests, retro tests, race coverage, new tech to product tests….most of which never appear on the internet. And, don’t forget, that $25 credit from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC  that will more than cover the cost of your subscription. To subscribe call (800) 767-0345 or Click Here • MXA VIDEO: 2023 HUSQVARNA TC250 FUEL-INJECTED TWO-STROKE TEST • SIDI RIDER AUTOGRAPH SIGNING AT THE MXDN AT RED BUD! Press Release: Motonation is very excited to host five past and present motocross legends for autograph signings at this year’s MXDN at Red Bud! We will be hosting 9-time World Champion and 6-time MXDN race winner Antonio Cairoli. We will also be hosting two-time 250 World Champion Jorge Prado. Plus, three generations of the Everts family (four-time World Champion and 3-time MXDN winner Harry Everts, 10-Time World Champion Stefan Everts, and the upcoming third generation of legendary racing family, Liam Everts). Please visit the Sidi tent at this year’s MXDN at Red Bud on September 23 to September 25. • MXA VIDEO: 2023 KTM 450SXF TEST • THE NEXT $5000 PASHA 125 PRO TWO-STROKE “WORLD VET WARM-UP”  RACE WILL BE ON OCTOBER 1 The October 1, 2022, Pasha 125 Open two-stroke race is the last chance for riders under the age of 30 to race for big purse money because the World Vet will only have Over-30 and Over-50 125 Pro races (not to mention a $10,000 purses). The $5000 October 1 warm-up race will pay the 125 Pro Class $2500 for first, $1500 for second and $1000 for third. The Over-30 125 Pros and Over-50 125 Pros will not have a purse for this race, but at the World Vet race on November 5-6 they will split $10,000 in purse money (with the top three in the Over-30 class getting paid and the top five in the Over-50 getting paid. For more info go to • FIRE & POLICE “LOMA LINDA HOSPITAL” BENEFIT RACE ON OCT. 10-11 AT LAKE ELSINORE For more info go to • THE NEXT WORCS RACE IS ON OCT. 14-16 IN MESQUITE, NEVADA • 2022 RED BULL STRAIGHT RHYTHM COMES TO “SURF CITY” ON OCTOBER 15 Currently signed up riders for the 125/150cc and 250cc classes are Ken Roczen, Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia, Marvin Musquin, Cooper Webb, Gared Steinke, Tyler Bowers, Josh Hansen, Robbie Wageman, Ivan Ramirez, Carson Brown, Ryan Morais, Casey Cochran, A.J. Catanzaro, Josh Varize, Derek Kelley and Dylan Woodcock.For more info go to www.redbull,com/straightrhythm • FINAL 2022 GREAT PLAINS VINTAGE MOTOCROSS AT FARRAGUT, IOWA, ON OCT. 16 For more info go to • OLD SCHOOL SCRAMBLE “OKTOBERFAST GRAND PRIX” ON OCTOBER 23 AT GLEN HELEN   For more information go to • “SATURDAY AT THE GLEN” WORLD VET CHAMPIONSHIP WARM-UP RACE ON OCT.29 The track layout will be the same as what the riders will face at the 38th Annual Dubya World Vet Motocross Championships on Nov. 5-6. The pre-entry is $30 per class and $25 for youth classes. Post Entries on the day of the race will be $40 and $30 for youth classes. The gate fee is $10 per person. This race is a great opportunity to get some laps in before the Dubya World Vet Championships! For more info go to • 2022 DUBYA USA WORLD VET MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP ON NOV. 5-6 For more info go • MXA VIDEO: 2023 KTM FREERIDE XC-E ELECTRIC TRAIL BIKE • HOW SMART DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MXA? YOU SUBSCRIBE AND GET A $25 ROCKY MOUNTAIN GIFT CREDIT—SEEMS SIMPLE You can’t afford not to subscribe, because when you order a subscription, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sends you a $25 gift credit to use on anything you want from their massive selection. Plus, subscribers to MXA can also choose to get the digital mag on their iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android by going to the Apple Store, Amazon or Google Play or in a digital version. Even better, you can subscribe to Motocross Action and get the awesome print edition delivered to your house by a uniformed employee of the U.S. Government. Do we have to mention the $25 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC gift card again? You can’t lose on this deal? Call (800) 767-0345 or Click Here • MXA VIDEO: 2023 KTM 300SX FUEL-INJECTED TWO-STROKE TEST  •  THE REMAINING RACES OF THE 2022 SEASON The 2022 World Vet Motocross Championship is shaping up to be a barn burner, as lots of former motocross stars from different decades are lining up to win the Over-30, Over-40, Over-50, Over-60 and Over-70 titles. Believe it or not, multi-time AMA 250 National Champion Gary Jones is now 70-years-old. He is the only rider to have won World Vet crowns in the Over-30, Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60 classes. If he can win the Over-70 title in 2022, he will have a Grand Slam in most of the important age groups. But Gary won’t be perfect because 1970s GP star Lars Larsson is the reigning Over-80 World Vet Champion and Gary Jones has to wait ten years before he’s old enough to get the clean sweep he wants. 2022 AMA ENDUROCROSS SERIES SCHEDULE Sept. 17…Salt Lake City,UT Sept 24…Redmond, Oregon Oct. 1…Denver, Colorado Oct. 22…Prescott Valley, Arizona Nov 5…Boise Idaho Nov. 19…Reno, Nevada 2022 SATURDAY AT THE GLEN RACE SCHEDULE Apr. 2…Spring Series #1 Apr. 23…Spring Series #2 Apr. 30…Spring Series #3 May 7…Spring Series #4 May 14…Spring Series #5 (National Track) June 11…Summer Series #1 June 25…Summer Series #2 July 9…Summer Series #3 July 30…Summer Series #5 Aug. 13…Summer Series #6  & Pasha 125 Open (National Track) Aug. 27…..Fall Series #1 Sept. 10…Fall Series #2 Sept. 17…Fall Series #3 Oct. 1…Fall Series #4 & Pasha 125 Open (National Track) Oct. 15…Fall Series #5 Oct. 22…Fall Series #6 Oct. 29…World Vet Warm-Up (National Track) Nov. 5-6… Dubya World Vet Championship (National Track) Nov. 12..Winter Series #1 Nov. 19…Winter Series #2 Dec. 3…Winter Series #3 Dec. 10…Winter Series #4 (National Track) 2022 WORCS OFF-ROAD SCHEDULE Jan. 21-23…Primm, NV Feb. 18-20…Glen Helen, CA Mar. 11-13…Lake Havasu City, AZ Apr. 8-10…Taft, CA Apr. 29-May 1…Las Vegas, NV May 27-29…Cedar City, UT Sept. 16-18…Preston, ID Oct. 14-16…Mesquite, NV Nov 4-6…Primm, NV 2022 MOTOCROSS DES NATIONS Sept. 25… Red Bud, MI 2022 WORLD VET MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP Nov. 5-6…Glen Helen, CA 2022 PARIS SUPERCROSS Nov. 12-13… Paris, France • MXA VIDEO: 2023 GASGAS MC250F TEST •  THE 2022 RACE SERIES THAT ARE ALL OVER AND DONE 2022 AMA SUPERCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP Jan. 8…Anaheim, CA Jan. 15…Oakland, CA Jan. 22…San Diego, CA Jan. 29…Anaheim, CA Feb. 5…Glendale, AZ Feb. 12…Anaheim, CA Feb. 19… Minneapolis, MN Feb. 26…Arlington, TX Mar. 5…Daytona Beach, FL Mar. 12…Detroit, MI Mar. 19…Indianapolis, IN Mar. 26…Seattle, WA Apr. 9…St. Louis, MO Apr. 16…Atlanta, GA Apr. 23…Foxborough, MA Apr. 30…Denver, CO May 7…Salt Lake City, UT 2022 AMA NATIONAL MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP May 28…Pala, CA June 4…Hangtown, CA June 11…Thunder Valley, CO June 18…Mt. Morris, PA July 3…Red Bud, MI July 9…Southwick, MA July 16….Millville, MN July 23….Washougal, WA Aug. 13…Unadilla, NY Aug. 20…Budds Creek, MD Aug. 27…Crawfordsville, IN Sept. 3…Pala, CA 2022 FIM GRAND PRIX CHAMPIONSHIP (TENTATIVE) Feb. 27…Matterley Basin, England Mar. 6…Mantova, Italy Mar. 20…Villa La Angostura, Argentina April 3…Agueda, Portugal April 10…Trentino, Italy Apr. 24…Kegums, Latvia May 1…Orlyonok, Russia (CANCELED) May 8…Maggiora, Italy May 15…Rio Sardo, Sardinia May 29…Intu Xanadu, Spain June 5…Ernee, France June 12…Teutschenthal, Germany June 26…Samota-Sumbawa, Indonesia July 3… Jakarta, Indonesia (CANCELED) July 17…Locket, Czech Republic July 24…Lommel, Belgium Aug. 7…Uddevalla, Sweden Aug. 14…Hyvinka, Finland Aug 21…St. Jean d’ Angely, France Sept. 4…Afyonkarahisar, Turkey Sept. 11…Oman (CANCELED) 2022 KICKER ARENACROSS SERIES Jan. 7-8…Loveland, CO Jan. 15…Amarillo, TX Jan. 21-22…Oklahoma City, OK Jan. 29…Greensboro, NC Feb. 4-5…Reno, NV Feb. 11-12…Denver, CO 2022 WORLD SIDECAR MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP Apr. 24… Holland May. 22…Czech Republic June 26…Belgium July 3…Estonia Sept. 4…Czech Republic Sept. 18…Germany 2022 CANADIAN TRIPLE CROWN SERIES June 5…Kamloops, BC June 12…Drumheller, AB June 19…Pilot Mound, MB July 3…Walton, ON July 10…Courtland, ON July 17…Ottawa, ON July 24…Moncton, NB July 31…Deschambault, QC Aug. 14…Walton, ON 2022 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Mar. 27…Wonthaggi Apr. 10…Mackay May 1…Wodonga June 26…Maitland July 24…Coffs Harbour Aug. 14…Queensland Park Aug. 20…Coolum 2022 MICHELIN BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP Mar. 20…FatCat May 1…Landrake May 29…Lyng June 26…Cusses Gorse Aug. 7…TBA Sept. 4…Hawkstone 2022 REVO BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP Mar. 13…Culham Apr. 17…Foxhill May 8…Lyng May 22…Canada Heights June 19…Blaxhall July 10…Fatcat July 31…Whitby Sep. 11…TBA 2022 WORLD TWO-STROKE CHAMPIONSHIP April 16…Glen Helen, CA • MXA YOUTUBE CHANNEL | HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON The MXA wrecking crew is everything moto related. Check out our MXA YouTube channel for bike reviews, Supercross coverage, rider interviews and much more. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. • TALK MOTO WITH ON MXA’S FACEBOOK GROUP CHAT We love everything moto and want to bring all moto junkies together into one place to share their two cents, ideas, photos, bike fixes, bike problems and much more. To check it out first you must need to or already have a Facebook account. If you don’t, it isn’t much work and you could even have an alias so nobody knows it is you. To join click HERE. 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