Works Connection Offset Titanium Footpeg Mounts (Yamaha YZ250/450F)


If there is something I can’t stand on the 2022 and earlier Yamaha YZ250/450’s is the rider triangle. It is cramped, my legs feel high up and the seat feels like I am sitting in a valley. I have tried several different offset pegs as well as tall seats and different spec bars. Well one day I was talking to Eric Phipps on the phone and asked him if we could get together and make some trip titanium offset footpeg mounts and to my surprises he thought it was a good idea! “Ok, great, now what do I do”, is specifically what I remember I told myself after he agreed to my proposal. I went to work and purchased a bunch of different offset pegs as well as got info on what some Star Racing Yamaha cockpits are set up to. After testing a bunch of different configurations I felt like -7mm down and -5mm back would be the hot set up for riders anywhere between 5’8-6’2. I let several riders try a couple different configurations with my SX RACE Pro Taper EVO bars as well as my standard height firm GUTS Racing seat foam and most preferred the -7mm down and -5mm back mount that I had. After we figured out what offset configuration would work the best for a wide range of riders Works Connection went to work on designing a grade 5 6AL-4V titanium mount that is 30% lighter than stock and can fit any footing that you choose. Works Connection paid close attention to ground clearance and even though the mounts are lower, the clearance is the same as stock. You may be thinking, oh it’s only a few millimeters Keefer, so how the hell can I feel that? I can’t sit here and say “OH MY GOD, IT”S GOING TO ChANGE YOUR LIFE”, but you will have more room in the cockpit and will get less leg fatigue. I get less leg fatigue and the transition from sitting to standing is made easier because my knees aren’t so bent. My lower part of my body is slightly more relaxed. I DID NOT have to move my shifter or rear brake pedal and to me, it just allows more room to move around on the bike. The whole Works Connection footpeg mount kit comes with two titanium footpeg mounts, two titanium pins, two titanium washers and two cotter pins. The whole kit costs 349.99 a pair but if you use the code KEEFER20, that will save you some dough at checkout. The reason why it is better to get the offset from the mount instead of the peg is for clearance as well as consistency with the offset. Some offset pegs I tried were NOT what they claimed to be once I did some measuring. Getting the offset from the mount ensures consistency as well as a cleaner look/design. Not to mention you can lose some grams at the lower point of the bike. I know you don’t care about that, but I do! Note: These mounts (from what I am told) should fit the new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F as well. The new 23 YZ450F is -5mm down and -5mm back from the current 2022 YZ450F so if using these on the new 2023 model, you will have -2mm down from standard position You can order the Works Connection Offset Titanium Footpeg Mounts over at If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me at