Since the rise of Marc Marquez less than a decade ago, Motor GP has witnessed the domination of a rider that ensures most accolades come his way thanks to many risks, stunts, speed and thrills that bring many Motor GP fans to their feet, everyone wowed by the Spanish international’s tenacity and brilliance on his bike.

Unlike Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo is beginning to show the world why he is the best in the field right now with his 2021 dominance and his 2022 rankings, leaving the chasing pack way behind…

However, will two years be enough guarantee the French international as the best ahead of Marquez who has been a consistent phenomenon since his debut over ten years ago? Two years might not be enough to show what the future holds for the French international, but it’s a glimpse of his, inevitable dominance.

Fabio Quarteraro and Marc Marquez’s Motor GP dominance can be likened to great rivalry of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton of Formula 1. Though Hamilton is regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time, the emergence of Verstappen has since seen the Red Bull leapfrog Mercedes in the pecking order.

Journalists, pundits, and bookies before the current campaign of Formula 1 have already installed Hamilton to be the World Champion after a narrow defeat in the last campaign, but Verstappen has once again shown that he should be considered the greatest driver despite Nascar betting online favouring the Dutch driver behind Lewis Hamilton with 8.00odds.


Unlike Verstappen, Quartararo had an easy victory in 2021, a glimpse of what could be to come was shown by the French international in 2020. However, no one can deny the brilliance of Quartararo on the track, his ability to adapt to the flow is seamless, and though he has a long way to go, the French international is coming of age already.

Not hampered by his young age, the stupendous ingenuity of Quartararo on the track continues to astound but is not at the level of Mark Marquez yet but he is on course to catch and overtaje the Spaniard in the coming years.

While he was on pole five times in 2021, the Frenchman has only been in pole position once this campaign, although he has only three victories so far from fifteen races he is on course to win the World title again. If he eventually does pull that off it will be his second championship, while he came second in 2020 in his first four years in the competition.

No doubt however, like Marquez, Fabio Quartararo is part of a top team with a world class bike and an excellent support team that will surely help to make the 23-year-old French international dominate the Motor Grand Prix for many years to come and he could eventually become the greatest rider of all time.


Not many realise that Fabio Quartararo was a junior racing prodigy, as he kept breaking and setting new records at ease, even breaking the records that were thought impossible at various points. The fact is that none of Yamaha’s riders make it at in most Grand Prix is a testament to the fact that Fabio is ahead of all other riders, while he is been held back by his team and bike.

Many prodigies will of course arrive in the future, and many records will be set and broken, but Fabio will be recognised as a racing prodigy with an exquisite all-round skill and ability to stay injury free unlike Marc Marquez.


On the contrary, Marc Marquez’ brilliance in the last couple of years is significant. Though he is in contention to be among the greats, and while he is certainly one of the best, the ambiguity in perception of being the greatest rider ever is subjective because of the change in circumstances and era make the argument more difficult due to the competition, tracks and advancement in technology. 

However, in terms of the world championship, Marquez is still behind the likes of Giacomo Agostini, Angel Nieto, Valentino Rossi, Mike Hailwood, Carlo Ubbiali, John Surteers and Phil Read, while he is sitting in 8th position sitting on a par with the likes of Jim Redman and Geoff Duke.

Marques has a long way to go while he is still a few MotorGP/500cc titles behind Rossi Valentino, however, he still has a good chance of catching his haul during the latter stages of his career.


The likes of Mick Doohan, who was extremely dominant for 5 straight years in 500cc GPs but never really competed in smaller races and was arguably on a bike that was much harder to ride than Marques. Also, the Spaniards 6th, behind Agostini, Rossi, Neito, Hailwood and Jorge Lorenzo in terms of world championship wins.


With 66 wins compared to 122 for Ago, 115 for Rossi, 90 for Nieto and 76 for Hailwood, the 29-year-old Spanish international is closing in on these legendary riders.

More importantly, the likes of Jonathan Rea and Carl Fogarty none of whom have really had a proper chance to actualize their potential in GP but yet dominated World Superbikes is another reason why Marquez should be lauded as one of the top performers.

Despite making his debut in GP in 2013, Marquez has continually shown why he is on course to be the greatest rider of all time. Though inconsistencies and accidents have continually dented his chance of realising his full potential, Marquez is sitting on a par with the greats of the sport.

However, at the end of their career, both Fabio Quartararo and Marc Marquez will be remembered as two of the greatest riders that ever graced the Motor GP circuit, if not the best.