Charles Leclerc reveals main target for Ferrari in final five races of 2022 F1 season


Scuderia Ferrari Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc hopes to be able to win at least a few races from the remaining five this season and maybe delay Max Verstappen’s mathematical win as much as possible, although realistically the Red Bull driver will secure his second F1 world championship in Japan at the end of this weekend.

Yet Charles does not view this final part of the 2022 Formula 1 season as a wasted effort given the fact that the title is gone, but rather as an opportunity for the entire team to improve and prepare for the next Formula 1 campaign, by working on a key aspect Ferrari proved weak during the current championship.

More specifically, Charles Leclerc believes Scuderia Ferrari should use the last five races this year to make sure their race strategies are the best possible, as the Maranello team made a few crucial mistakes during the 2022 F1 season in terms of strategical calls, as was the case in Monaco and Hungary.

While the Monegasque driver is aware he lost the Singapore Grand Prix at the race start, having been overtaken by Sergio Perez at the first turn, Charles Leclerc admitted to being happy for how Ferrari evaluated and carried out the race strategy, with a good timing for the pitstop, despite the difficult track conditions.

“I want to use these last few races for us to get better on the execution of the race, especially, and I feel like it’s a step forward this weekend. We need to do other steps forward. It’s a good step in the right direction, and on that I’m happy, but of course frustrated with the second place.” – he explained, at the end of the race in Singapore.

Scuderia Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto also pointed out that his men did a really good job on the pitwall Marina Bay Street Circuit and went for an aggressive strategy hoping to get the better of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, which unfortunately was not the case:

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“I believe we made the right decisions. We were among the first to mount slicks at a time when the track was not perfectly dry, and with this choice we pushed Perez to stop. In doing so, we tried to change what could be the fate of the race.” – he said.

Ferrari finished the Singapore Grand Prix with Charles Leclerc in second place and Carlos Sainz in P3, making it the first time since the Miami Grand Prix that the Marabello team was able to celebrate a double podium finish. The Spanish driver feels the Italian side was able to learn a lot from the mistakes made this season and can build further strength in the next few weeks, as the entire team is now focused on the 2023 Formula 1 championship:

“It’s good news to see that the race was well executed on both sides. There are still things I’m convinced that we need to keep improving and do better, but the team is taking massive steps forward. We’re learning from every situation. And as Charles said, you know, these last five races, or these last six counting with this one, they are going to be great preparation for us in order to be better at the front next year. It’s clear that the car is there, the drivers, we’re there. We just need to keep improving the execution and whenever we have the opportunities, nail them.” – Carlos Sainz concluded, at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.

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