Italian media hits out at FIA amid Red Bull penalty: “Risks losing all credibility” | 2022 Singapore GP


“Red Bull seems to have exceeded the spending limits that Formula 1 has imposed through the budget cap. The FIA ​​will publish the results of its investigation on Wednesday. There is talk of 10 million in unjustified expenses. Of course, if they believed Sergio Perez, they could accept the excuse that the calculator broke”. – This is part of the report from Italian newspaper La Stampa dedicated to the Singapore Grand Prix won by Sergio Perez in front of Charles Leclerc.

The Turin-based newspaper headlines ‘Ferrari, two mockery in one’ in reference to the race that slipped out of the hands of the Monegasque at the start after Checo got off to a better start by taking the lead and then going on to win, receiving only a five second penalty after the race, that was not sufficient to deliver the success to Charles Leclerc, as the Monegasque driver is looking for his first victory since the Austrian Grand Prix held in July.

Failure to comply with 100% of the rules which have to be respected behind the Safety Car had given Scuderia Ferrari the hope of obtaining the victory through a penalty, but Sergio Perez received a penalty equal to five just five seconds, not ten, receiving just a reprimand for the second of the two infringements infractions and so the advantage over Charles Leclerc at the finish line in Singapore was enough to give him his fourth career success, the second of the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The Singapore event is the umpteenth Grand Prix which concluded in the offices of the race stewards and that certainly does not cast a positive image on the FIA, which this week has to give a verdict regarding the alleged violation of the 2021 budget cap by Red Bull and Aston Martin.

“An unstoppable drift. After the disconcerting final part of the race in Monza, we had a mess in Singapore, with penalties decided once again after the race and the result of poorly written rules, however interpretable, but always questionable” – writes Giorgio Terruzzi in the editorial for Corriere della Sera entitled ‘Penalties in spans, shattered credibility’ – the Federation accumulates poor decisions and serious shortcomings. Sundays as well as weekdays.

On Wednesday they will have to explain (and it is enormously overdue) if and in what terms there were infringements on the spending limits of 2021. By now the oxen have escaped from the barn. Grabbed by rivals who don’t expose themselves for gossip, but are so certain of the information obtained that they risk being misled by an acquittal verdict, and then questioning the transparency of the procedure. In short, the enamel that covers F1 seems to be ruined: a compromised FIA”. – Giorgio Terruzzi wrote.

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‘Fia, here we go again. And the sport suffers’ – is the title of the article written by Leo Turrini for Il Resto del Carlino: “They penalized the Red Bull driver, but by just 5 seconds, confining poor Charles Leclerc to the second place taken on track. Now, here we need to be very clear, once more. Formula 1 has regained extraordinary levels of popularity, thanks to its protagonists. But it continues to be governed by the international federation with obsolete, contradictory procedures, subject to interpretations that are often laughable” – read the columns of the Emilian daily newspaper – “I think and write all this, all the more so, reflecting on the heated debate that has opened on the subject of the alleged overruns to the expenditure budget. Is it possible that a sport so loved and so rich, almost a year later, still is not able to clarify if some competitor has been smart by spending more than what is allowed by the rules? These are the flaws that should be remedied urgently. With the risk and pain of further losing its credibility. And of course, such considerations take nothing away from the umpteenth verdict of the track. Even with a Verstappen in the Tsunoda version, Red Bull was faster than Ferrari.” – Leo Turrini pointed out.

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